The Latest Consolidated Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations

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By Section

1. Citation and commencement
2. General interpretation
3. Continuity of residence
4. “Worker”, “self-employed person”, “self-sufficient person” and “student”
5. “Worker or self-employed person who has ceased activity”
6. “Qualified person”
7. Family member
7A. Application of the Accession Regulations
7B. Application of the EU2 Regulations
8. “Extended family member”
9. Family members of British citizens
10. “Family member who has retained the right of residence”
11. Right of admission to the United Kingdom
12. Issue of EEA family permit
13. Initial right of residence
14. Extended right of residence
15. Permanent right of residence
15A. Derivative right of residence
15B. Continuation of a right of residence
16. Issue of registration certificate
17. Issue of residence card
18. Issue of a document certifying permanent residence and a permanent residence card
18A. Issue of a derivative residence card
19. Exclusion and removal from the United Kingdom
20. Refusal to issue or renew and revocation of residence documentation
20A. Cancellation of a right of residence
20B. Verification of a right of residence
21. Decisions taken on public policy, public security and public health grounds
21A. Application of Part 4 to persons with a derivative right of residence
21B. Abuse of rights or fraud
22. Person claiming right of admission
23. Person refused admission
23A. Revocation of admission
24. Person subject to removal
24AA. Human rights considerations and interim orders to suspend removal
24A. Revocation of deportation and exclusion orders
25. Interpretation of Part 6
26. Appeal rights
27. Out of country appeals
28. Appeals to the Commission
28A. National security: EEA Decisions
29. Effect of appeals to the First-tier Tribunal or Upper Tribunal
29AA. Temporary admission in order to submit case in person
29A. Alternative evidence of identity and nationality
30. Effect on other legislation
31. Revocations, transitional provisions and consequential amendments
The Schedules