34. Revocation of deportation and exclusion orders

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Revocation of deportation and exclusion orders

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34.—(1) An exclusion order remains in force unless it is revoked by the Secretary of State under this regulation.

(2) A deportation order remains in force—

(a) until the order is revoked under this regulation; or

(b) for the period specified in the order.

(3) A person who is subject to a deportation or exclusion order may only apply to the Secretary of State to have it revoked on the basis that there has been a material change in the circumstances that justified the making of the order.

(4) An application under paragraph (3) must set out the material change in circumstances relied upon by the applicant and may only be made whilst the applicant is outside the United Kingdom.

(5) On receipt of an application under paragraph (3), the Secretary of State must revoke the order if the Secretary of State considers that the criteria for making such an order are no longer satisfied.

(6) The Secretary of State must take a decision on an application under paragraph (2) no later than six months after the date on which the application is received.


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