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Regulation 43


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Leave under the 1971 Act

1.  Where a person has leave to enter or remain under the 1971 Act which is subject to conditions and that person also has a right to reside under these Regulations, those conditions do not have effect for as long as the person has that right to reside.

Person not subject to restriction on the period for which they may remain

2.—(1) For the purposes of the 1971 Act and British Nationality Act 1981, a person who has a right of permanent residence under regulation 15 must be regarded as a person who is in the United Kingdom without being subject under the immigration laws to any restriction on the period for which the person may remain.

(2) But a qualified person, the family member of a qualified person, a person with a derivative right to reside and a family member who has retained the right of residence must not, by virtue of that status, be so regarded for those purposes.

Carriers’ liability under the 1999 Act

3.  For the purposes of satisfying a requirement to produce a visa under section 40(1)(b) of the 1999 Act (charges in respect of passenger without proper documents)(1), “a visa of the required kind” includes an EEA family permit, a residence card, a derivative residence card, a qualifying EEA State residence card, or a permanent residence card required for admission under regulation 11(2), or permission to be temporarily admitted under regulation 41.


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Section 40(1)(b) was amended by the 2002 Act, Schedule 8, paragraphs 1 and 13.