25. Cancellation of a right of residence

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Cancellation of a right of residence

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25.—(1) Where the conditions in paragraph (2) are met the Secretary of State may cancel a person’s right to reside.

(2) The conditions in this paragraph are met where—

(a) a person has a right to reside in the United Kingdom as a result of these Regulations;

(b) the Secretary of State has decided that the cancellation of that person’s right to reside in the United Kingdom is justified on the grounds of public policy, public security or public health in accordance with regulation 27 or on grounds of misuse of rights in accordance with regulation 26(3);

(c) the circumstances are such that the Secretary of State cannot make a decision under regulation 24(1); and

(d) it is not possible for the Secretary of State to remove the person from the United Kingdom under regulation 23(6)(b) or (c).


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