35. Interpretation of Part 6

Green text indicates changes from the original version of the legislation.

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Interpretation of Part 6

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35.—(1) In this Part—

“the 1997 Act” means the Special Immigration Appeals Commission Act 1997(1);

“Commission” has the same meaning as in the 1997 Act.

(2) For the purposes of this Part, and subject to paragraphs (3) and (4), an appeal is to be treated as pending during the period when notice of appeal is given and ending when the appeal is finally determined, withdrawn or abandoned.

(3) An appeal is not to be treated as finally determined while a further appeal may be brought; and, if such a further appeal is brought, the original appeal is not to be treated as finally determined until the further appeal is determined, withdrawn or abandoned.

(4) A pending appeal is not to be treated as abandoned solely because the appellant leaves the United Kingdom.


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1997 c. 68.