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Family permit to Residence Card

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Waqas Rashid

I have a 6 mounth eea extended family permit of uk can I apply for residents card


Damien Hardy

Having an EEA Family member permit is not a requirement of applying for a residence card, this is just an un-necessary piece of paper to make it easier for you to travel to the UK under EU law. When you’re in the UK can apply as long as you meet the requirements of the residence card, including being a defendant relative of the EU family member.


Sofia Ch

Dear Waqas,
kindly tell me the complete procedure,tips and tricks to get a extanded family member visa as my elder brother who has a British nationality is working in the UK. I and my younger brother is comletely dependent upon our elder Brother and now we want to go to the UK.How is it possible??
Your assistance in this regard will be highly appricited.