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Traveling to the UK with EU Family Member

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Tulsi Rèëjæl

I am a non EEA national and I have a residence card which says" Residence card of a family member of EU national" So my question is ,Can I travel to UK with my EU national father with only the residence card or do I need EEA family permit visa? Reply is highly appreciated.Thank you


Damien Hardy

Hi Tulsi, as usual I'm not a lawyer and can only offer my opinion on this.

Assuming that your EU national father is your sponser for the residence card and you are either joining him or accompanying him in to the UK, then you shouldn't have any problems to come to the UK with a valid residence card.

To make the travel smoother, I would suggest taking some documentary evidence that you are related, birth certificate for example and attend an immigration desk together, just incase any questions are asked it's better to have your family member with you at the time.

Actually in my experience, I've have more trouble from airlines not being sure if you can travel on the EU family documentation than I've seen from immigration accross europe. Although sometimes, immigration offers will try to stamp your passport, which they shouldn't under the directive.

Regulation 11.2 (b) (ii)