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Taking up employment with EEA Family Permit?

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Usman Warraich

Hi hope you doing well.. eea family permit holder can takeup employment in uk or not.?
If yes then is thr any document to prove this to employer thankx


Damien Hardy

Hi Usman, as always I’m not a lawyer and can only offer my personal opinion and you should always seek advice from a trained professional .

Firstly the right to work is not tied to documentation, although it is the responsibility of the employer to demonstrate that you do have the right to work to avoid a rather large fine, so they need to be satisfied that you do have the right to work in the UK.

In terms of the EEA family permit, that is like an entry clearance document, so my understanding is that it would not be a sufficient defence for any employer by itself. I’m not exactly sure what will happen relating to brexit, but in the usual situation if you enter the U.K. and make a valid application for a residence document under EU law, the home office will provide you a certificate of application within one month which confirms your right to work and clearly states that it can be used as a defence for an employer for the 6 months that your application is being decided.

Hope that helps.


Usman Warraich

Damien Hardy thankx for your reply..
Much appreciated