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Stolen derivative card

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Grace Walker

Hi, I need help please. My derivative card has been stolen last October. I have reported this to the Home Office amd applied for a replacemnt right away but they replied after more than two months saying that I have to re-apply as my application for a replacent in not valid. My derivative was issued under the Ruiz Zambrano case as I am a mother of a British child (nearly 3 years old) who has sole responsibility as the father and I separated because of his domestic violence which I have been a victim. What should I do? Please help


Damien Hardy

Hi Grace, sorry to hear about your situation, as I say in every reply I'm not a lawyer and can only offer my opinion on the situation.

What concerns me for your situation is that the Zambrano route may be closed to you after the exit day on the 31st January, because they relate to a british citizen child. My guess is that you would need to apply under the immigration rules instead, which unfortunately would be significantly costly, although would provide a clear route to citizenship if it were to be approved. Given the precarious situation following Brexit, you really should seek legal advice on this one. And Good luck getting it sorted out.