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Recently self-employed with low income

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Katia Marangon

I tuned into a self employed and I am starting a company now. I am my husband´s sponsor and I´d like to know if his resident card can be revoked, as my income is low in this start and I am receiving Unversal credit for while. Can someone help me?


Damien Hardy

Hi Katia. Firstly... anything I comment is not legal advice and is only my opinion and you should seek proper legal advice.
My general view of the freemovement rights is that your family member's rights are linked to your rights, so if you have the right to reside in the UK, so will your husband.


Sial Kashif

Damien Hardy hello sir. i am belgian citizen and my three childs also citi8 of belgium but my wife have F card in blgium. please explane me she can travel with us to uk without eeu family permit. i have plne to go uk next month.thanks