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EEA Route After Brexit

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Kamran M Haq

Hi All,

Can someone please tell me if the EEA Family visa route will still be open after the Brexit deadline of 31st Jan 2020. I have heard something about the Dec 2020 as well so I am not sure when does this route close with Brexit kicking in.




Damien Hardy

Hi Kamran... Firstly as you would have seen before I'm a layman and not a solicitor so you should read my response as opinion and not advise.

Firstly you have to be careful with terminology because EEA Family members do not require visa as they are exempted from the immigration rules. That technical point aside, my reading of S.I. 2019/1383 at paragraph 6, is that as of the exit day, there will be no automatic permanent right of residence for EEA citizens and their family members.

That does not nessisarily mean that people cannot come to the UK to work and legally reside here, but it does look like they will not aquire the abilty to live here permanently without presumably applying for something under the immigration rules, just a guess.

Obviously consult a lawyer on this one.


Kamran M Haq

Damien Hardy Hi Damian,
Thnaks for the reply, I was not very clear in my question about the issue, basically I wanted to apply for EEA Family Permit for my mother-in-law. I am now confused as I have read in some places that mother-in-law is not an extended family member. can you shed some light on the issue please. by the way I have applied for her visa as EEA Family Permit awaiting response.