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Nurul Alam Anik

My Non EU wife has EU settled status through her EU father. I live with them. I don't have EU FP or Eu RC. i have point based visa from which i would like to apply for pre settled status. Can i apply as dependent relative of my EU father in law? 

I never lived with them in any country outside the UK. The relationship begin in the UK.


Damien Hardy

Hi Nural, usual disclaimer as I don't have all the details, nor am I an immigration advisor.

But I can offer my opinion based on the scenario that you propose as to me it doesn't look like you would qualify as a family member of your father in law because you are not his direct decendant.

So the next question would be whether you meet the criteria of an extended family member under regulation 8 ( ). To me, the relevant part is paragraph 2 where if you are dependant on the EU family member or you are living as part of his household then you may qualify.

Best to check this with an immigration advisor because any mistakes can be costly both financially and in time and uncertainty if your situation under EU law is precarious.