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Admitted to United kingdom under the Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2016 Stamp

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Klajdi Dorela

Hello yesterday i bring my wife to UK an she is not an EU citizen and when we pass the UK border the immigration officer had stamp her passport which was saying Admitted to United kingdom under the Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2016. Does anyone know what that means?


Sharif Hamouda

I arrived to the Uk with my wife and she is none Europeans.but got residency in EUROPE Ian British and in the airport hear passport had the same stamp I do not understand did you find out what the stamp means
Thank you


Damien Hardy

Hi Klajdi,
This stamp is perfectly normal, it used to be called a "Code 1A", it's now this Admitted under EEA stamp. 

I'm not sure what type of residence rights your partner has and from where they came from, but let me illustrate an example.

If you were french married to a non-EU national (TCN) living in france and they had a french residence permit, then when you come to the UK, they would put the code 1A stamp because your partner has a french residence card, not an EU residence card. It's just to indicate under which rules you were allowed to enter the UK.

If you were french married to a TCN, but living in Germany, they would probably have a residence card which states "Family member of an EU national", at this point if they travel to the UK with you, they should not have any stamps in their passport, because they have the EU card and this permits them to travel around europe with you.

Hope that makes sense



Marcon Benatiya

Damien Hardy 
I am seeing your comment. we are going to Uk next week and we have no time to apply for an EEA family permit. Because we were advised that we do not need it. I am am EU citizen and we are legally married. We are travelling together. If we show both our passports and the marriage certificate and his residence card , which states that he is an exempt person, should this be enough to do him and A1 stamp? Thanks


Emilio Duarte Gimenez

Marcon Benatiya did you get the A1 stamp? I'm in the same situation


Akın Tekercibaşı

Marcon Benatiya pls report. I am in same situation


Akın Tekercibaşı

"Emilio Duarte Gimenez Regarding a photo she took on an unambiguously place in London during that time, I'm sure it worked" says Sherlock 🙂